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Amaia Scapes Lipa is one of the top new house and lot developments in the province of Batangas. Aside from the prestige of knowing that it is developed by a subsidiary of Ayala Land, it is also incorporated with many modern facilities and amenities that you could find in high end house and lot developments. Hence, it is part of the developer’s commitment to make sure that you can enjoy a higher quality of life by bringing these facilities and amenities into the community.

The entrance gate with guard is a staple feature in most modern housing communities of today. Hence, Amaia Scapes Lipa also features a guarded entrance gate and perimeter fence. This is to ensure that all entry and exit points to the community are monitored by security personnel. It is also for the safety and protection of the homeowners as the developers are committed to making this community a haven of peaceful living for the residents. You can therefore rest assured that the 24/7 security system will be in place so you can enjoy your peace of mind. When the developers refer to this house and lot development as a well-secured community, they truly mean it that way.

Aside from the entrance gate, another distinctive feature in this community is the abundance of green spaces and grass lawns. This is one testament to the developer’s commitment to allowing you to breathe the fresh country air. It allows you to savor everyday life in a picturesque setting that is free from the pollution of the big city. The developers wanted to showcase that so you can truly enjoy the community, not just the home you are living in.

In addition to the lush grass lawns, the entire community is built with tree-lined spine road. You can therefore enjoy the relaxing view of the trees that outline the roads. Other basic community facilities that are put in place include an underground drainage system and elevated water tanks. These basic but modern facilities help ensure that you can enjoy consistent supply of water and that the streets won’t be flooded in the case of heavy rains.

The main amenity center of the development in Amaia Scapes Lipa is the Village Patio. This is the place to go to if you want to enjoy the facilities available at this community. In here, you will find a pavilion that can be used for social gatherings or some other special occasions. There is also a swimming pool available near the Village Patio. This is another great venue for social events, or if you need to relax without having to spend more money on a resort accommodation. You can spend your weekends by the pool to enjoy and relax while rejuvenating your mind and body.

If you want something more active to do, you can go to the basketball court and play some hoops. For the kids, you can also take them to the playground that is located near the village patio. The playground facilities are designed to keep your kids safe while having fun.

  • Patio Greens
  • Village Patio
    • Pavilion
    • Pool
    • Basketball Court
    • Playground Facilities
  • Guarded Entrance/Exits
  • Perimeter Fence
  • Elevated Water Tanks
  • Tree-lined Spine Road
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